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Natural Persons: Vehicle in good technical and clean condition, identity card, vehicle circulation, if there is a special power of attorney or its power of attorney, the attorney with all the required documents.
Legal Persons: all documents of the vehicle to be processed, representative's credential, vehicle circulation and this in good technical and clean condition.
Procedures that are carried out:
1. Transfer: $ 60.00 CUP All notary documents must be presented, plus bank payment.
2. Change of entity name: $ 5.00 CUP. For legal entities, the resolutions issued by the highest body.
3. Color change: $ 10.00 CUP. The vehicle is correctly painted and without excessive attachments (flags, signs or other visible objects).
4. Engine or body recording: $ 20.00 CUP. In legal entities, when it is for sheet metalwork, a document issued by the institution that carried out the work, signed by its managers, should be presented, in the event that it is purchased without numbering, the invoice must specify that it does not have a number. In the private sector, the number of the engine or body will be recorded to which the recording is approved by the inspectors and chiefs.
5. Fuel change: $ 20.00 CUP. This is done when the vehicles make a change of engine and fuel in the State and private sector, transport files are prepared, presented the document of the FICAV.
6. Model change: $ 20.00 CUP. This procedure is when the vehicles continue with the same brand, the corresponding factors must be presented for both sectors.
7. Brand change: $ 20.00 CUP. The corresponding invoices will be presented in the legal sector.
8. Body change: $ 20.00 CUP. In the legal sector, the corresponding company invoices and documents will be presented.
9. Change of class / type: $ 10.00 CUP. For both sectors documents issued by transport.
10. Tonnage change: $ 20.00 CUP. For both sectors documents issued by transport.
11. Initial Registration: $ 40.00 CUP. Both sectors will be presented presenting official documents (purchase invoice).
12. License change: $ 40.00 CUP. It is done when changes are made to any data on the vehicle.
13. Sheet change: $ 40.00 CUP. It is done when required for both sectors.
14. Duplicate of circulation license: $ 80.00 CUP. It will be carried out for both sectors due to loss or deterioration of the same.
15. Duplicate sheet metal: $ 80.00 CUP. It will be carried out for both sectors due to loss or deterioration of the same.
16. Engine change: $ 10.00 CUP. They will be carried out to both sectors presenting documents issued by transport or invoices when it is the same brand and fuel. The FICAV document will be required for both sectors.
17. Re-registration: $ 10.00 CUP. For both sectors
18. Reinspection: $ 5.00 CUP. For both sectors.
19. I certify: $ 5.00 CUP. Archives officials will be requested personally presenting the required documentation for both sectors.
20. Sticker change: $ 5.00 CUP. It is made to both sectors when it is past due or impaired.
21. Cancellation of the vehicle: $ 5.00 CUP. This will be carried out for the state sector presenting all the documents approved by the entity's highest body. For individuals by insurance or voluntarily.
22. Engine change (turning fund): to be carried out by decree 320 of 2013 between individuals.

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Identity Document Request

The request for the identity document can be made from any Paperwork Office in the country, regardless of the place of residence, except for changes of address, which must be formalized in Paperwork Offices of the territory where the home is located.

The identity document can be requested for the following reasons:

• Deterioration
• Lost
• Arrive at 16 years of age
• Change of address
• Correction of error
• Legal change
• Demobilized FAR
• Release from Prison
• Entrance to the country

Deterioration: When the identity document due to its physical condition does not allow the owner to be identified.

Loss: when the owner loses or steals the identity document and cannot present it for the process they request.

Correction of error: it is any modification, suppression or addition of data in the general information of the owner, provided that they do not constitute substantial changes in the identity of the person, for example, names and surnames and the year of birth. Changes or modifications in the names of the owner's parents, in the volume and folio, in the place of birth, those associated with the Registry of Civil Status are also considered error correction.

Legal change: the modifications, deletions or additions in the general information of the citizen and year of birth that generate a substantial change in the identity of the person, these modifications are made by the court and the birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry must be recorded in the observations the number of resolution or sentence by which the modifications were made.

Change of address: it is the update of the address register from the citizen's request and with the consent of the owner of the property where they intend to reside. Changes of address can be requested on a temporary or permanent basis.

Transitory: it can be requested from 1 month to 1 year and renewable as many times as the parties wish.

Permanent: indefinitely, until the owner makes a new movement in the address register.

General documents to present for any of the types of address changes:

For both types of address changes it is mandatory :( when the stay is from 30 days and indefinitely.)
Physical presence of the citizen who is going to make the change of address, except those under 12 years of age and the mentally disabled who are represented by their parents or legal guardian.
Physical presence of the property owner or owners with their identity documents, except those owners who are minors and are represented in this act by their parents or legal guardian.
In the act of requesting the identity document, the presence of the holder is compulsory, except for those cases that due to force majeure, are unable to attend. This individual must be evaluated by the Head of Office for its differentiated treatment.
Physical presence of the property owner or owners with their identity documents, home ownership title, except those owners who are minors and are represented in this act by their parents or legal guardian.
For the photo of the identity document, people dressed in military uniforms will not be accepted, nor will security and protection agencies, likewise they are not allowed in the locker room, shirts (men) and caps (women).
In the case of the mentally disabled, the request will be made by a parent or legal guardian.
The paperwork tax for all types of applications for the new identity document format is 25.00 pesos (CUP), which includes a photography service.

Duration time:

The term of delivery of the identity document established 15 business days.
Requirements for the identity card procedures:

• Identity document subject to change, except for loss procedures.
• Birth certificate for the error correction and legal change procedures.
• Prison Release Model for the Prison Release procedure.
• FAR Licensing Model for the FAR Exit procedure.
• For the process of arrival at 16 years of age, if the minor's card was not updated at 12 years of age, the mother, father or legal guardian of the young person must be presented at the time of the request for the identity document.
• Stamp stamp worth 25 pesos national currency for all types of requests.

Requirements for identity procedures whose owner is declared legally incapable:

• Disability Order issued by the court that accredits the mental disability of the citizen.
• Document object of the change, except for the procedure for loss.
• Birth certificate for the error correction or legal change procedure.
• The physical presence of your legal guardian.

Legal basis that supports the procedures

•  Decree - Law No. 248/2007 on the Identification and Voter Registration System.
• Resolution No. 6, Regulation of Decree / Law 248 of the Identification System and the Register of Voters.
• Decree 141 of 3/24/1988, in its article 5, defines the Contravention Regime of the Identity Card System.
• Decree No. 217/97, of the Council of Ministers for the regulation of migration to the country's capital.
• Decree No.293 / 2011 amending one of the sections of Decree Law 217/97 of the Council of Ministers
• Decree-Law No. 32 of the State Council
• Decree No. 305 of the Council of Ministers
• Resolution No.343 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices
• Resolution No. 43 Ministry of the Interior
• Decree No. 26 of the Council of Ministers

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Tax Procedures (MN)

Duplicate of traffic license                          $ 80.00
Sheet metal duplicate                                $ 80.00
Transfer                                                     $ 60.00
Initial Registration                                      $ 40.00
License change                                         $ 40.00
Sheet change                                            $ 40.00
Engine or Body Recording                        $ 20.00
Fuel change                                              $ 20.00
Model change                                           $ 20.00
Brand change                                           $ 20.00
Body change                                            $ 20.00
Tonnage change                                      $ 20.00
Color change                                           $ 10.00
Change of class / type                            $ 10.00
Engine change                                        $ 10.00
Re-registration                                        $ 10.00
Entity name change                                $ 5.00
Re inspection                                          $ 5.00
I certify                                                    $ 5.00
Sticker change                                      $ 5.00
Get off the vehicle                                 $ 5.00

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